Ten years ago Adriane R Wiltse began a career as an engineer and developed a close relationship with metals, plastics and other materials.  Eventually this love of materials, together with a long dream of self-expression led her to a path in jewelry making. Today, Adriane designs jewelry inspired by the rural Kansas plains of her past and the city skyline of her present.  Adriane utilizes the contrast between the curvilinear forms from her childhood and the geometry from her urban surroundings to craft timeless jewelry pieces. Thanks to her engineering background Adriane is applies a meticulous construction process to her work which imposes each piece with quality.

Simultaneously, her long held love for art and expression, present in her drawings, sculpture and photography, convey a soft and organic aesthetic giving her work a one-of-a-kind feel. Adriane's jewelry is a reflection of the juxtaposition of her formal education and her joy for art and self-expression aiming to support and empower them to tell their story.

Adriane also creates two and three dimensional fine art, for more information:

Photo Credit by David Tong